Smashy Road: Wanted 1.5.2

The gas pedal is stuck!

Do you remember Crossy Road, that sweet game about a chicken crossing a highway in the hope of reaching the other side without being stamped by the incoming traffic? In Smashy Road, we get to switch perspectives. You now control a car... but who cares, that one is simply boring.
Smashy Road
Smashy Road: Wanted on the other hand delivers high octane action packed gameplay. In it you run from anything the police and military can throw at you while collecting bucks and creating as much mayhem as possible.
You drive over roads, bridges and coarse terrain, burst through fences and into car lots, airports and military installations. There's no stopping, there are only two options, you either get busted or wasted.
Control is simple but definitely not easy. Your car will accelerate constantly and the only thing that can keep it at a relatively slow speed is making turns. This situation would not be any worse except that as soon as you begin going haywire, a police car will take note and begin following you, with more and more reinforcements coming with each passing moment. As long as you are not bogged down by their efforts you can continue and reach higher levels of mayhem (which is appropriately accounted in stars).
Smashy Road
There are multiple cars to choose from but they all cost bucks, which are not particularly abundant and neither easy to collect. Luckily, you can get boosts of 20 bucks by watching short videos. A good option if you get frustrated and want a new ride as soon as possible.
The music is surprisingly well made. It is tense and really evokes the kind of emotion you would feel in such a situation. What's great is that it's also a stark contrast against the cartoony graphics and the bombastic action. Simply delicious!


If you manage to cope with the first few tries, you will realize that the car can actually be controlled and that you also have some degree of tactical choice in the matter. You owe it to yourself to sample this great little gem.

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